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"Tyler Rake: Extraction 2": Director talks about serious set accident

"Tyler Rake: Extraction 2" is currently celebrated on Netflix for its action scenes! On the set of the film, things weren't exactly squeamish either. Director Sam Hargrave describes two set accidents.

„Tyler Rake: Extraction 2“-Star drehte mit gebrochenem Bein! Regisseur Sam Hargrave schildert Set-Unfall
"Tyler Rake: Extraction 2" director Sam Hargrave spills the beans on two set accidents. Foto: Jasin Boland/Netflix und Katie Graves

The first part of the "Tyler Rake" series already proved that Sam Hargrave, who worked as a stunt coordinator for several Marvel films, is a real action and stunt expert. In 2020 he celebrated his directorial debut with "Extraction 1". The action flick struck a chord with Netflix audiences and was streamed countless times.


"Tyler Rake: Extraction 2": Sam Hargrave on the incredible performance of the actors and stunt experts

Now Sam Hargrave, who most recently worked in and on "Avengers: Endgame" and season 2 of "The Mandalorian," among others, has returned as a director. In addition to being responsible for the content and creative realization, the 53-year-old enriched the film with his expertise for daredevil action scenes.

How important and partly dangerous the work of the stuntmen and women was for the two "Tyler Rake: Extraction" films is almost needless to say. Already during the shooting of the first part, there was an accident on the set. For one scene, two stuntmen jumped from a balcony onto the street. As stunt coordinator Daniel Stevens revealed at the time, Chris Hemsworth's double Dan Carter was seriously injured, "twisting his ankle completely backwards" - and still performed the daring stunt two more times afterwards.

There was also a spectacular incident during the filming of "Extraction 2". You can listen to the incredible story here in the video:


    TV Movie Online" editor Anna Peters met Sam Hargrave, Chris Hemsworth alias Tyler Rake and Nik Khan actress Golshifteh Farahani in Berlin for an interview. In addition to the exciting story about Tinatin Dalakishvili's broken leg and the bizarre solution to the problem, the director also revealed how the glass roof scene was shot. Farahani also revealed details about Tyler Rake's and Nik's competitive relationship. 

    More about Tyler Rake:

    "Tyler Rake: Extraction 2," which had a budget of around $65 million, has been available to stream on Netflix since June 16!

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