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Wodehouse in Exile

Drama GB Original-Titel: Wodehouse in Exile
How did the author PG Wodehouse come to face a charge of treason during the Second World War and how did this quintessential Englishman, creator of Jeeves and Wooster, become an exile from his own country?
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Showview-Nummer: 88-901-583


P. G. Wodehouse Tim Pigott-Smith
Ethel Wodehouse Zoë Wanamaker
German Soldier Curran McKay
Algy Simon Coury
Arthur Grant Robert Cooper
Mackintosh Paul Ritter
Leonora Cazalet Flora Montgomery
Peter Cazalet Paul Mallon
Buchelt Niall Cusack
Reynolds Kevin Trainor
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Deutscher Titel Wodehouse in Exile
Original Titel Wodehouse in Exile
Genre Drama
Produktionsland Vereinigtes Königreich
Produktionjahr 2013


Regie Tim Fywell
Drehbuch Nigel Williams
Produzent Robert Cooper
Produzent Carol Moorhead
Produzent Kate Triggs
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