Luksuz Produkcija Short Film

Kurzfilm A Block 2
In this episode we see four short films: 1. Upanje (=hope) (Authors: Denis Dziuba, Kuba Stężycki) A "gallerist on the road" tries to bring the society closer together through talking about art. 2. Ahmad in Babica (= Ahmad and barbie) (Authors: Julia Minet, Nawal Chagar) The syrian barber Ahmad has become the most popular hairdresser of Ljubljana. But he has to live in dread of being deported from Slovenia. 3. Brez zice (without fence) (Author: Julia Minet) In 2015 slovenian authorities installed a border fence for the purpose of protection from uninvited refugees. But a border fence always means something different than protection. 4. Tina (Author: Fanny Lescarcelle) This is the story of Tina who has to face a lot of difficulties being an immigrant in slovenian society.
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Deutscher Titel Luksuz Produkcija Short Film
Genre Kurzfilm
Produktionsland Österreich
Produktionjahr 2018
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