Pretty Little Liars: Psycho Mona is returning in „In The Eye Abides the Heart“

Mona is one of the most conflicting characters on “Pretty Little Liars”. In “In the Eye Abides the Heart” she takes the spotlight again – but can we trust her?

Mona sang "In the Eye Abides the Heart" in the PLL-episode "Kingdom of the Blind" (Season 3). Credit: Freeform
Mona sang "In the Eye Abides the Heart" in the PLL-episode "Kingdom of the Blind" (Season 3). Credit: Freeform

In the preview of “In the Eye Abides the Heart”, we spot Mona and Hanna investigating A.D.’s board game. But what is Mona actually doing?

As we know from recent interviews, Mona’s role on “Pretty Little Liars” remains ambivalent. Actress Janel Parrish told “Hollywood Life” that Mona really likes Hanna and tries to help her out concerning her second turn in A.D.’s game.

Janel Parrish furthermore reports that Mona will intervene in the Liars business to hunt down A.D., “but she also gets tempted by the dark side”. So we will see Mona having “a little bit of a journey ahead of her.”


PLL: Mona sang “In the Eye Abides the Heart” in Season 3

Well, do you remember Mona singing “In the Eye Abides the Heart” in Season 3, Episode 3 (“Kingdom of the Blind”) while lying in her hospital bed in Radley, holding a queen of hearts in her right hand?

The title of the up-coming “Pretty Little Liars”-episode, “In the Eye Abides the Heart”, leads us right back to this creepy scene in “Kingdom of the Blind”. This is not a coincidence for sure…


Pretty Little Liars: Lucas and Mona (still) part of the A-Team?

The question, if the Liars can trust Mona, is furthermore raised by a secret meeting in Season 3. Remember? Lucas hid from Hanna in Radley to see Mona in “Kingdom of the Blind”…

Back in Rosewood’s present, Hanna just found out, that Lucas was Charles DiLaurentis closest and only friend when they were children. Was Lukas, like Mona, part of the (original) A-Team – or still is?

We know from the “In the Eye Abides the Heart”-Previews, that Hanna tries to prove Lucas’ innocence, but will discover an even darker secret than his friendship to Charles / Charlotte DiLaurentis. And we begin to wonder: What does Mona know about this connection? 

“I feel like, no, you know”, Janel Parrish told “Hollywood Life” confronted with the question, if Mona can be fully trusted. “Mona looks out for herself and whatever is best for herself in the moment”.

On the other hand, according to Parrish, Mona really tries to hunt down A.D. and help the Liars: “She wants to be right in the middle of everything. She wants to help figure out and win the game and figure out who A.D. is. She will be very instrumental.”


PLL: “In the Eye Abides the Heart” is about trustfulness

Mona and Lucas? Friends or foes? We’re gonna find out in “In the Eye Abides the Heart”. By the way, the song is about revealing trustfulness in the eyes (of a woman):

"In the eye abides the heart,
Every pure and tender feeling,
All emotions worth revealing,
Through the eyes their charm impart.
Words are often clothed in guile;
For the lips with fear may falter;
E'en confiding smiles may alter-
Oh! believe not in a smile!"

Read more about “Pretty Little Liars” here.

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